A Rank Bag I

The weather is not getting any better during the last couple of days, snow, rain, cloud and repeat. I was apparently not expected to leave the apartment, therefore the research on bag designs continues. Yes, I have previously designed/handmade a multi-way purse, in order to be able to have a cool presentable clutch while taking the shared bike to parties. 

While the multi-way X clutch is still ongoing, I accidentally found this gem - 

Despite the interesting story of the bag being a symbol of civil official ranking of this owner's husband, the design is fair, elegant and extremely feminine. I like the former two characteristics, but have to balance off the third with leather and metal, luckily. 

The idea is basically to replace the ring handle with metal rings, and the rest soft but a bit thicker leather, including the tassels. 

tassel, outer pockets and the right leather

tassel, outer pockets and the right leather

The bag has a huge benefit for me, which is not having zippers. I have a big problem with slightly unmatching zipper fabric colour and the leather colour. There are thousands of leather colours out there, and same many of the zipper fabric, but their colours do not synchronise automatically, supposedly small studios cannot afford to request specific zipper fabric colours. 

TO BE CONTINUED ( ordered a bunch of stuff for the bags today, cant wait to start!)