New Colours for My Studio

Having visited 8 flats, I finally decided and moved into this studio. The room is tiny, well, my budget as well. But It is close to the office, 12 minutes by bike, long enough to switch from work mode to off-work mode. 3 minutes from tube station, although I seldom use it, it is a big advantage if I ever want to list the place on Airbnb. 

However, I hated almost everything in it. 


Although I work a lot with pink and purple paints, plus glitters, I had no wish living with them or have them soaked into my eyes, my brain, my skin. Being broke, I soon shut down the thought of throwing them all; however some changes have to be done. 

studio after

Repainting the wall is the most worthy investment, the place was lighten up about 2 levels when it was done. Then I covered as many unpleasant colours as possible with some neutral and clean colours. One thing I did throw away is that 1980s style glass teatable, I thought of covering it with cork board too, but I couldn't convince myself it would look better even after transformation, also a teatable doesn't seem to be so valuable for someone mostly drinks beverages from a tall glass stemware or an iced bottle...