Filipino Colour Impression

Having hopped 3 island in the Philippines for 3 weeks, and had 1 week catching up with work/emails/conferences/being annoyed, I am finally able to sit down and look into the colours of the wonderful vacation. That being said, I did cut 1 video for each island together with Herr AG, during which I selectively put colour-harmonious clips together, even it was not easy as a result of the bad 'auto white balance' setting. 

Here are some impressions: 

GREEN #1 - Palm trees in the sun

GREEN #2 - Palm trees cloudy

BLUE #1 - Côte & Ciel in a perfect sunny afternoon

BLUE #2 - Côte in son of a bitch of an afternoon

XXX - Appetite suppressing ice-creams

Being a twisted Chinese perfectionist, I have always been very critical about the videos when people asked, this should have given people an awkward second of 'oh, she does not like this topic, how do I continue this conversation.'  

In the videos, Herr AG proudly showed some amazing colours captured under water, which I hesitate to include in my palette, for them not being my impression. But please feel free to take a look :)