Brief Thought on Patterns

I like being all William Morris was known to be, a textile designer, a poet, novelist and social activist, yet I am not a huge fan of the English traditional textile any more, after flipping through a 2-inch thick William Morris catalogue. It is like listening to a posh English saying 'no',  in all the possible forms, as 'I wish' 'I would' or 'I appreciate....' instead of a 'NO'. 


Harmonious and precise, served from the Royal College of Needlework, dreadfully mid/upper class. 


At a recent practice and research, I took the basic checkered tiles and a simple diamond shape with brushings into 4 directions. No more ornaments, but fully instructive. Especially when dealing with an anonymous head, where would Hitchcock or Kubrick put it? 

Head Found on Orange Checkered Tiles - Feb 2017 

Head Found on Orange Checkered Tiles - Feb 2017