Pink pink pink plus pink

A couple of days ago, someone at my girls’ group chat brought the topic ‘pink preference’ up. Mysteriously, we all like the colour pink more as we aged a bit now. How did this happen? We used to be the cool ones. For example, I changed my phone wall paper to this last month: (FYI, it was also bear stack before, just not in pink)

bear stack

My husband has reached the limit of his tolerance to a pink covered wife. And sometimes it is bounded with cuteness, for him, equals to unsexiness. I share absolutely no pursuit of provocativeness, instead I have been very innovative and successful in creating unsexiness.

I googled ‘colour preference with age’, no expected answer showed up( apparently there are some papers you have to pay to read, skipped them). Luckily I did find a paper which shows pink is definitely in the elderly’s liking, while it is on the negative half for the younger group.

Another sort of search result always link to the prehistoric humans, but never directly answer any question: female loves pink, due to their work being mainly fruit collection in the past, and the fruit are mostly red, orange, pink or yellow. Too weak, not convinced, one does not like a colour because one sees this colour all the time at work.

I prefer another idea: pink lovers are warm and gentle, friendly with others but rather not show inner emotions. Compare to the young black lovers, being mysterious and distant is not what I am into anymore. Of course I do not show emotions, I do not believe in them at work, would never be a positive influence on the efficiency.

Or, forget about all above, I just want to be a pink dinosaur who paint pink crystal pigs.

I wrote everything in  it

I wrote everything in it

My 2019 Chinese New Year Card

My 2019 Chinese New Year Card