Old Habit Dies Hard

I feel a glass ceiling at work, even if I have just started this new job after exactly one year of travelling, relocating and learning a new language. The arrival of the peculiarly low temperature did not help on this situation, winter is coming, the year is over, again. The uneasiness developed inside of me brings the motivation to learn something new.

And what? Something work related…

Or that ‘writing for the art world’ online course from Sotheby’s Institute of Arts, which I always wanted to do, just to entertain myself?

Or deepen that new language?

After a long period of on and off research and determining, I made that decision to learn something work related (I still do not eliminate the possibility of the other two), hopefully. Taking the curriculum from a full-time degree course, and choose the most relative tutorial videos on Lynda ( and I just learnt today she is now Linkedin Learning).

The first sets of videos are ‘Online Marketing Fundation’. Old habit dies hard, I totally focused on the colour, icons, animations of the explanatory slides. I like the non-decorative style in general, as well as the emotionless animation on the icons. However, I feel sorry about colour palette. It is so hard for me to read the information on red/orange background, it might intend to provoke, while I feel like being hit by a can of RedBull instead of being fed with.

Maybe as said in the course, most people watch online content on mobile phones. Yet I do not believe it work much better on a 5.5’ screen than a 13’, with which size I am watching. Blood orange- yolk yellow- electro blue, is it really wise? Or as I see the only big surface could fit these colours is a car exterior.

Snapshot of this    course

Snapshot of this course