All Roads Lead to Settings

Had a quick look .. or not so quick look on the Audi split screen MMI system this morning. I have to say, in comparison with the MB and BMW systems, I favour Audi’s visual design, for it being sophisticated, technical, clean yet subtle. I appreciate the micro animation on each icon when you light tap on.

Audi D.jpg

However, as the title indicates, me no here to analyse the visual today. me no happy with the experience. me no Vorsprung durch Technik.


Here is a minimised flow chart of how the menu works. A and B are main menu items, or top bar quick access items. S is ‘Setting’.

So tap A - tap A1S (setting) - then tap ‘return’, I expect to return to A. No, I return to S. me confused, where am I, what have I done, what should I do now?

A real life case below: I swipe down the top bar, adjust the volume, then go back…. to ‘Setting’

I am sure Audi has done clinics with this system in different markets: Europe, America and Asia. It would be very interesting to see the different (or the same, you know nothing. Jon Snow), feedbacks from their selected customers.

It would not surprise me the feedback from Germany to this system could be positive, or at least acceptable, for it having a logic behind it.

It would also not surprise me, if the Chinese find it a no-go. For it being complex and anti-habit. But luckily it should provide 2 super flat and smooth surfaces for suction cup phone holders.

suction cup