No Smart Compose

Cover picture by ‘helloiamInigoMontoia

I recently noticed Gmail’s ‘Smart Compose’, a predictive writing feature, which finishes your sentence based on your writing habit to the recipient.


Even it is only the greeting and closing, or some common phrases, I was unpleasantly shocked, and turned the feature off immediately. A few days later, when I look back on my annoyance, the first reason could be I feel violated, it is like putting chewed food into my mouth, even it is the one I would eat myself, I would still spit it out. yak.

The second reason is, for a person whose job is not writing a lot of emails per day, I take everything written down by me and supposed to be seen by at least another person very seriously. Of course I make grammar mistakes in a second or third language, occasionally also native, therefore I have spelling correction, which I believe would be seen as annoying by linguistic nerds as enemy as well.

But even they should not deny otherwise the mistake could result in some very bad jokes.

Has Gmail gone so far with this? I wanted to be very nice and a good user to give feedback, and hoping to see the option ‘ annoying’ , but I see this

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 8.11.17 pm.png

If I would continue, I will have to select ‘Other’ then type in ‘simply annoying’, not gonna do that. They should really not presumed this is a needed feature, the feedbacks should only be focused on how to improve this. You cannot improved the chewed food before you feed it to someone, who is apparently old enough to eat by oneself. Or I should be nicer and go with my man Lee Kuan Yew in his interview in 1967:


‘May I say what I mean in my own form of words? I think the Americans have a friendly habit of trying to help a person think, but I would rather do my own composition.’ (full video)